Clamp Cube

When you need be sure your clamps grip the way you want and hold the way they should. Rightline Clamp Cube makes it easy to give every attachment in your fleet a regular checkup.

No alignment issues.
No cords.
No runaway carts.

Clamp Cube is designed to look and handle like your actual loads so it’s easier to use and delivers more authentic results. Drivers simply engage the cube as with any carton.

More than just force measurement

Clamp Cube introduces standardized safety diagnostics to assess loss of hold during the clamp cycle. Linear contact surfaces provide reference to verify straightness of the clamp arms.

  • Shape and compressibility replicate real loads for consistent, meaningful data.
  • Intuitive touch screen control.
  • Cordless rechargeable system.
  • Polymer touch strips ease alignment and protect slide arm surfaces.
  • Easy transport with clamp or forks.

Scale setting to display applied force.

Diagnostics setting to test grip retention.