Single Dual Stabilizer

Rightline is the clear choice for multi-pallet stabilizer applications. Exceptional design seamlessly blends hydraulics and heavy-duty components for maximum visibility and minimum maintenance.

Rightline Single Dual Pallet Handlers add incredible versatility to take productivity to new heights. Operators gain hydraulic side shift and fork positioning plus the ability to split into twin fork sets at the touch of a lever to engage two pallets side by side. Rightline Single/Duals represent state-of-the-art design, combining legendary durability with exceptional performance. Exclusive unitized steel frame, precision machined alloy slide arms, and large reversible bearings combine for superior strength, reduced maintenance costs, and optimized driver visibility.

Rugged, Efficient Handling

Rightline Single Dual Pallet Handlers are simply the best available. Innovative engineering and precision construction are proven to deliver high production and low operating costs.

  • Superior frame strength
  • Unrivaled visibility
  • High-strength slide arms
  • Reinforced fork connections
  • Bolt-on replaceable load backrests
  • Bolt-on stabilizers and load backrests
  • Exceptionally compact structure for greater retained capacity

Performance and Serviceability

Rightline Single Dual Pallet Handlers incorporate premium components manufactured in-house for enduring, high-performance operation.

  • Dual ITA II/III mounting standard
  • No-lube stabilizer bearings
  • Advanced design eliminates wear parts
  • No springs for inner fork movement
  • No inner fork friction pads or height adjustment shims
  • Quadruple lower side shift slides
  • Larger, reversible channel bearings
  • Heavy-duty bronze upper side shift slides stanard
  • Better part pricing and availability
  • Made in the USA from the ground up


Quick Disconnect Lower Hook

Quick Disconnect Lower Hooks speed mounting for applications requiring frequent attachment exchange and simplify installation when truck configuration provides limited wrench access to tighten retainer bolts.

Full Taper Polish

Fork arms available with full taper and polish.

Reduced Blade Thickness

Milled blades are available for applications that require thinner forks

Install Kit

Rightline install kits are specially designed to mount your attachment on a specific truck model and mast type. Includes all necessary hoses, fittings, brackets and instruction for direct connection to truck internal hosing.


5500 Capacity

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