Single Double
Carton Clamp

Now you can clamp twice as much. Grip fragile, soft or slick loads side by side. An ingenious extra arm supports the center of double loads then, at the touch of a button, retracts alongside the right arm for conventional operation.

Expanded Productivity

  • Specialized six-channel frame carries a third arm to support double wide handling for challenging loads.
  • Protected valve location
  • Compact structure, rearward center of gravity and excellent capacity retention.
  • Ultra-thin leading edges.
  • Switchblade Armor protects pads with bolt-on replaceable components.
  • Dual II/III mounting with no loose parts.
  • Better part pricing and availability
  • Made in USA from the ground up

Traversing Mechanism

Patent pending traversing mechanism deploys the center arm. Rapid two or three arm configurations made easy with mode-switching hydraulics.