Tipping Carton Clamp

Add 90° forward tilt capability while retaining high performance, unrivaled visibility, and rugged construction incorporated into every H-Series attachment. Handle a variety of palletless loads including multiple case units, appliances and fragile products. Rubber faced aluminum contact pads articulate to distribute clamp force evenly regardless of squeeze pressure and provide positive grip while preventing product damage. Narrow profile arms operate within confined spaces. Side shift and flow divider valve is standard on all models to ensure positive equal arm movement and provide accurate load placement.

Stronger, Safer Clamping

Rightline H-Series is the premium choice in clamps. Advanced construction delivers exceptional durability. Unobstructed operator vision reduces damage and enhances safety.

  • Unrivaled visibility
  • Stronger, all-steel frame
  • High-strength asymmetrical arms
  • Rugged stress-reducing slide arms
  • Compact structure with rearward center of gravity and excellent capacity retention

Performance and Serviceability

Rightline H-Series Clamps incorporate premium components manufactured in-house for high-performance operation.

  • High-flow hydraulics
  • Protected valve location
  • No flow control or return-to-tank required
  • Larger slide arms
  • Larger channel bearings, reversible and changeable with arms in place
  • Precision machined components
  • Better part pricing and availability
  • Made in USA from the ground up


Quick Disconnect Lower Hook

Quick Disconnect Lower Hooks speed mounting for applications requiring frequent attachment exchange and simplify installation when truck configuration provides limited wrench access to tighten retainer bolts.

Dual Mount

Dual mounting option includes bolt-on reversible hardware to mount attachment on class II or III truck carriages. All components secure to the clamp frame with no loose parts in either arrangement.


Patented ARMOR protects your clamp investment with a T-1 steel shoe to guard the entire underside and lowest 7 inches front and rear of each aluminum pad. Individually replaceable triangles are available in rubber or aluminum.

Diamond Plate ARMOR

Diamond Plate ARMOR protects your clamp investment with a diamond pattern steel shoe to guard the entire underside and lowest 7 inches front and rear of each aluminum pad.

Valve Guard

Bolt-on covers for control valve and input connections.

Frame Cover

Covers entire frame opening between the slide arms. This bolt-on option will obscure visibility through the frame.

Three Position Regulator

Allows driver to select from three clamp pressure settings. Install in truck circuit supplying hydraulic pressure to the clamp.

Zebra Pad

Zebra striping alternates white and black rubber facing. Indelible lines guide operators engaging loads less than full arm depth. Pattern is custom designed for your application.

White Pad

Substitute white rubber facing instead of standard black.

Install Kit

Rightline install kits are specially designed to mount your attachment on a specific truck model and mast type. Includes all necessary hoses, fittings, brackets and instruction for direct connection to truck internal hosing.


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